Wix Review For 2022

Topic:Wix Review For 2022” At its essence, Wix is a site builder that lets you design, customize, and launch a website to promote your business online, run events and sell tickets, or even start an online store. With Wix, you can get secure web hosting, a domain name for your site, and the ability to handle everything in one place.

You could use Wix for free or choose one of its paid plans for your website or business, giving you even more options. You can also choose from 3 different web builders, depending on your needs and how much you know about web development.

  • Wix Web Editor: You can choose from more than 500 templates and use Wix’s drag-and-drop editor to make changes to your website without needing technical or coding skills.
  • Wix ADI: It is responsible for making intelligence that will make a unique website for you after you answer a few simple questions. With Wix ADI, you’ll get a custom-made website that you can edit in many ways to make your own.
  • Corvid by Wix: If you have technical skills and want to code and customize your website using Wix as a base, you can use Corvid by Wix, an accessible development platform that lets you use its APIs to create, change, and release your web project on the Wix cloud.


  • Unrivaled features, including one year of unlimited access to the website booster and visitor analytics applications.
  • Over 800 templates from 16 different industries can be used by almost any business. This is the largest number of templates on the market.
  • The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it very easy to make changes to your website. The Wix editor gives you much freedom to design your website however you want.
  • Plans with prices that fit all budgets.
  • It makes mobile-friendly pages to see your site’s appearance on a phone.
  • Support by phone and live chat is free 24/7.
  • By trying to answer a few simple questions, ADI makes it easy to get your website up and running in just minutes.


  • You can’t change your site’s template once it’s life, which could be a problem in the future. The free plan site contains Wix ads and has a Wix-branded domain. No plan has unlimited storage.

Wix Prices

Wix has different price plans to fit different budgets. You can use the free plan if you don’t mind the ads. And if you want to build a standard professional website, you can choose from the following options, which you can try for free for 14 days if you pay yearly:

  • Combo: $16 a month
  • Unlimited: $22 a month
  • Pro: $27 a month
  • VIP: $45 a month

The Pro plan is the best deal because it comes with a custom domain, a free SSL certificate, 50GB of storage, two minutes of video, big visitor data, social media logo files, an expert logo, and customer service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wix also has separate plans for business and e-commerce that allow you to accept payments. When you charge a year in advance, these are the prices:

  • Simple: $27 a month
  • Unlimited: $32 a month
  • VIP: $59 a month

Most people choose the Business Unlimited plan. It has safe online payments, customer accounts, a free domain for a year, 100GB of storage, 10 hours of video, and customer service that is open 24/7.

Business-related features

Wix has several features just for businesses to help you make a website that works for your business.

  • Wix Stores: With Wix Stores, you can make your online store where you can show off and sell digital or physical goods. Wix Stores lets you accept customer payments, keep track of orders and stock, offer coupons and discounts, and set your tax and shipping rules.
  • Wix Bookings: Allows service-based businesses to post their availability for online booking, receive payments, synchronize bookings with Google Calendar, and send automatic email reminders to clients. Wix Bookings can be used online or through the Wix mobile app.
  • Wix Blog: Use your website to create and edit blog posts, manage comments, and share on social media. You can also add more than one writer with different rights.
  • Wix Music: If you make music or sell it, you can use Wix Music’s music player to show off your albums, songs, and playlists. Customers can pay heed and buy right from your site, and you can use advanced stats to track which songs are played, downloaded, and bought the most.
  • Wix Photography: Display your photographs, videos, and text in over 30 distinct galleries; adjust the clarity and sharpness of your site-wide photos. And protect images with a watermark and a password already built in.
  • Wix Video: Create a video showcase by uploading videos from your PC, YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. You can also sell, rent, or offer subscription fees to your video channel when you use Wix Video.
  • Wix Events: If your business puts on events, you can use Wix Occurrences to manage listings, guest lists, and RSVPs on your website. You can also sell tickets via your Wix site by putting a price on them and linking them to payment methods so people can buy them.
  • Wix Restaurants: If you own a restaurant, you can give online ordering and bookings, add and change your menu, accept orders for delivery or pickup, and more.

Speed and Performance

Even though Wix’s load time is about average, Google’s page speed scores are higher than average. That means that Wix sites are built with little code and a quick time to first construct paint. Wix is among the quickest options for site speed, whether your clients are on a computer or a phone.

Big brands like Ecommerce and Shopify can’t keep up with them when it comes to how fast their mobile and desktop sites load. Wix is almost twice as fast as the slowest platform, and its mobile speed is almost as fast. Wix is a great alternative to Shopify if you like it but want to have a faster platform.

Wix’s ease of use

Wix is among the easiest ecommerce platforms to use. It is usually very easy to understand and use. But it seems clear that Wix could make the user experience better in some ways.

Customer Support

Most people can do everything they need to do with Wix without ever hitting a problem. If you have trouble with Wix, it might not be easy to get help. Wix’s customer service seems pretty bad for many of its users. When you have to work hard to get the help you need, it’s hard to get people to visit your site.


Wix is a great ecommerce platform for people who want a beautiful website but don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on things like coding. Wix is a good option for small ecommerce and solopreneurs who want to get online quickly and look great. I suggest Wix if you want to print on demand. Wix is among the easiest platforms to use, and it has some of the most beautiful templates and easiest-to-use site construction workers in the business.

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