Weebly Website Builder Review In 2022

Topic:Weebly Website Builder Review In 2022” Are you looking for a website builder that is easy to use and lets you be creative? Weebly might be the best website builder for you, but it has a few flaws. This review will detail every part of Weebly Website Builder and look at the best situations where it will work well.

What is Weebly?

Weebly is undoubtedly a good website builder, but a few of you might not know that it has dozens of eCommerce features. Weebly is the main website builder for more than 50 million websites. Weebly is a site builder that is both powerful and affordable. Weebly can be used to start a personal website, an online store, or a blog. It works well in all verticals.

What makes Weebly so popular?

Unlike most website builders, Weebly attracts people who have never built a website before and turns them into long-term customers. During our research for this study, we found a few things about Weebly that most other website builders don’t have. It is a free plan on Weebly. It does have a few limits, but most beginners find that it’s enough to test out the most important ones.

Weebly Plans

Weebly is a very cheap website builder, as was already said. It has a free plan and 4 paid plans:

Free Plan

Weebly is one of the few site builders with a free plan. You get the following things with this plan:

  • 500 MB of space for media
  • A domain name that is associated with Weebly
  • SEO tools that come with a free SSL certificate
  • Chat and Email Support are basic features of e-commerce
  • Templates for contact forms
  • Weebly subdomains are free.

Overall, the features that come with the free plan are more than enough to try out Weebly and put up a simple website.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan costs $12 monthly and has enough features for most people. With this plan, you obtain a custom domain for free for one year, worth more than $20. With this plan, Weebly gives you unlimited storage space and lets you change every part of your new website. With the Pro plan, you also get a detailed dashboard with information about your website’s statistics and ways to improve your site’s visibility in search engines.

Business Plan

This plan is for people who require to open an eCommerce store. You’ll have to pay $25 per month for the Business Plan. It has a lot of high-end eCommerce features.

Some of the things that eCommerce has are:

  • Tax Calculator
  • Multiple Products Display Grids
  • Integration of Facebook Ads
  • Site Search
  • Online Payment Gateway

Business Plus Plan

This plan costs $38 per month and has all the best features for an e-commerce site.

Some of the features of e-commerce that come with this plan are:

  • No Transaction Charges
  • SSL Inventory
  • Security Management Tools
  • Email Advertising Tools
  • option to sell digital products
  • Unlimited Product Upload
  • Tax Calculator
  • Promo Codes and discounts Option

Who is it best suited for?

The Business Plus plan is an e-commerce plan that has everything you need. So, if you have made stores before and want to give your new online store a real boost, this is the best plan. Weebly’s prices are reasonable and affordable compared to other website builders. On top of that, you can get your money back in 30 days.

Ease of Use

Weebly is a simple tool for making websites. You can do almost everything you need to do on the front end. We never changed any part of the website’s code to make it look different. Weebly is a website builder that is very easy to use. You will find it easy to move from one option to another.

You also get a free plan so that you can try it out. Weebly might not be the best website builder for developers, and we found it while testing the tool. The Weebly editor is not updated often and is not as easy to use as other website builders in the same price range.

Weebly Website Builder’s Features

App Center

You can find more than 300 free and paid widgets in Weebly’s app center. With these widgets, you can improve the way your website works. These widgets are like plugins for WordPress. The Weebly App store has 56 free apps, and the prices for paid apps range from $10 to $35 per month.

With the Weebly app center, you can add plugins like Facebook Live Chat, Frequently Asked Questions, and Instagram Feed to your website to make it easier for people to use. On top of that, these widgets can help market the website.


One of Weebly’s flaws is that it can’t handle images. Weebly doesn’t offer online storage for images, so you can’t use the same image more than once. You must re-upload an image if you want to use it more than once in a blog post or product.


SEO is a large part of how a website grows. SEO is what you need to improve how well your website works. Most site builders tend to forget about SEO tools. On the other hand, Weebly has some of the best SEO tools you can use to improve your website’s Search Engine rankings.


In 2022, marketing is a must. You can find a lot of tools in the Weebly App store. These marketing tools are listed in a category called “Marketing.” Weebly Promote is an email marketing tool that is built into Weebly.

With Weebly Promote, you can reach out to people who have signed up for your newsletter. Weebly Promote works perfectly with the website and has layouts that are ready to go. You can also import contacts to get different static reports that help determine how users act.

Uptime & Hosting

Weebly lets its users host their sites on their servers. Weebly is a free place to host your website. You don’t have to pay your hosting company anything extra. With Weebly Hosting, you can protect yourself from DDoS attacks with a free SSL certificate. Weebly also handles problems with Uptime. During our tests, it mostly worked well and was stable.

Weebly’s Support

Weebly gives you access to community forums and emails 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a performance plan, you can get the phone and live chat support, but you must be in the US to use them. Weebly has a Facebook page and a Twitter account where you can ask questions. When it comes to help and support as a whole. Weebly does about average. They could have done a better job.


  • Plan Free
  • Hosting for free
  • Drag-and-drop options for customizing
  • SEO Offers a Good App Store


  • There is no online image storage.
  • Because of a slow server, a website takes a long time to load.
  • Not enough templates and designs that are too old
  • Mobile Optimization Is Less Compatible
  • In recent years, there hasn’t been much change to the features.


Weebly is not the best website builder, but it is good for people who are just starting. Weebly builder is one of the 5 Best Website Owners. We recommend it to people about to begin their 1st blog, store, or asset allocation website. Even though the tool has some problems, it has all the necessary features. We strongly suggest that you start with the free plan, and if you like it, you can switch to the paid plan.

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