Vultr Cloud Hosting Review In 2023

Topic:Vultr Cloud Hosting Review In 2022″ Vultr has been around since 2014, and its only goal is to give its customers a safe cloud computing environment in 17 cities. The company helps businesses by making storage, the cloud, and single-tenant bare metal easy to set up.

This web hosting company is good because it is run by people who have been in the web hosting business for a long time. The platform has a lot to offer, like elevated SSD cloud servers and good customer service. In this Vultr review, we’ll discuss what we’ve learned from using this cloud hosting service and help you decide if it’s right for you.

What Can You Anticipate From This Web Hosting Service Provider?

The first important thing that sets this hosting company apart is its location. Because Vultr has 17 carefully chosen points of presence, customers can choose a cloud environment close to where they are. Out-of-band console access is also available on all bare metal servers with Vultr.

Also, the company provides numerous Windows, BSD, and Linux distributions and has one-click apps that let you quickly launch WordPress blogs, development platforms, game servers, and more.

It would assist if you planned on getting billed by the hour. With Vultr, you don’t have to worry about long-term contracts with unexpected fees. You also have access to an unlimited number of operating systems and can mount and upload any ISO to your cloud servers.

Vultr Features

You could get the same things from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and DigitalOcean, which are not just American hosts. Still, Vultr has a few features that make it stand out. In this part of our review, we’ll look at each of them in more detail:

A Team with a Lot of Experience

We’ve already said that the people behind Vultr are very qualified. The people who work for the company are also behind and Choopla. This should be taken as evidence that Vultr will be a good host with a global footprint.

Personalized Control Panel

Every business owner wants to spend less managing their facilities and more time growing their online presence. Because of this, most bad reviews of web hosting have to do with problems with the specially made control panel and how easy it is to use.

Vultr knows this and has worked hard to give its clients a control panel that is simple to use and has a lot of features. Vultr has an easy-to-use interface that lets you set up high-performance servers worldwide and do it in style from any device.

A Worldwide Network

If you name a place, like Amsterdam, New Jersey, London, Singapore, or Tokyo, Vultr probably has a data center. Vultr is one of the biggest networks in the world, which is a big plus. Most hosting companies only work in the US, but this one doesn’t. You can choose from 17 places with low latency when you use Vultr.

Good Speed

Vultr wants to save its customers time and work. This is clear from the start, as the initial activation takes only a few minutes. All dedicated servers are used via a fast 10GbE network connection that can be sped up when needed.

Also, the cloud hosting service lets you set up a new instance with the operating system of your choice in just a few seconds. You get a lot of apps that you can run with one click, an OS library, and a tailored ISO. Not only is Vultr easy to use, and it works very quickly.

Automatic Backups

Automatic backups are something else that Vultr has to offer. They can be added to your cloud computing instances as an option, and they will protect your data. The backups are kept on a separate storage system in the same data center as the original instance. You can set them to run once a month, once a week, or once a day and turn them into snapshots. These backups include the active file system of the VPS but not the attached block storage.

Numerous Hosting Options

Vultr offers three different kinds of hosting, which we’ll talk about in more detail in the rest of this article:

  • Cloud Compute
  • Bare Metal
  • Dedicated Cloud
  • Kubernetes

You can also use Block Storage, Caching, and Load Balancers, three other services. With block storage, you can make redundant, scalable, and SSD-backed storage volumes that can grow. You can easily add them to your cloud example and enjoy the way their design is spread out.

Vultr Hosting Plans and Pricing

There are a lot of good things said about the prices at Vultr. People want a trustworthy host they can count on and an affordable place to stay. We get that.

Pricing Compute Instances

Here, you can choose from 10 public cloud server plans, each of which is priced by the hour. This is wise because users will only pay for what they use. Take into account that you will never be required to pay over 672 hours per month because there is a monthly limit of 28 days.

The first and most reasonably priced public cloud server plan costs $2.50 per month ($0.004/hr) and comes with 1 CPU, 10GB SSD storage, 512MB memory, and 0.50TB bandwidth for just an IPv6 main address. If you want to use your CPU more, the most expensive package comes with a 24-core CPU, 96 GB of memory, 1600 GB of SSD storage, and 15 TB of bandwidth. It costs $640 a month, equivalent to $952 an hour. gives you seven choices for high-frequency compute cloud services. The one that costs the least per month is the one with 1024 MB of memory, 1 CPU, 1 TB of bandwidth, and 32 GB of SSD storage. You could get a 768 GB SSD, 48 GB of memory, and 8 TB of bandwidth for $256/mo.

Bare Metal Pricing

Currently, Vultr only has one hosting plan for this, called E3-1270v6. It costs $120 a month, or $0.179 per hour. This plan comes with 32768 MB of memory, 2x 240GB SSD, 4 cores with 8 threads, 5000GB of bandwidth, 10GbE Ethernet, and an E3-1270v6 processor. You’ll soon get two more package suggestions that will use the power of your semi, single-tenant hardware, so stay tuned for our next review, which will also cover them.

Prices for a specific product line

If you’d like to eliminate your noisy neighbors, Vultr provides 4 options. The first one costs $60 per month ($0.089/ho). It has 120 GB of SSD storage. This plan for a dedicated server gives you 2vCPU, 10TB of bandwidth, and 8192MB of memory.

For 0.179/ho ($120/month), you can use 2 x 120GB SSD, 16 384MB memory, 20 TB bandwidth, and 4 vCPU. You can choose the last two options if you want to rent 75% or 100% of a server. The plan with three 120GB SSDs costs $180/mo, while the plan with four 120GB SSDs costs $240/mo. Customers get 40 TB of bandwidth and 32,768 MB of memory with the second one.


  • A straightforward custom control panel
  • Very fast
  • Huge worldwide network
  • With dedicated IP addresses, security is very good.
  • Different kinds of data centers
  • Affordable plans
  • Solid state drives with a fast Intel Core
  • You get what you pay for.


  • No help with live chat
  • No phone support
  • There are only 3 ways to host.


This review is meant to help you decide if Vultr is a good choice for you. We tried the host, and while we have suggestions about how to help users, we don’t have any other complaints. The host only does three types of hosting, but they do them so well that we don’t think this is always bad. Plans from the company are affordable and have everything you need.

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