Sugarsync Review

People usually think about data loss when it’s too late to do anything about it, or maybe on World Backup Day. But a plan to backup your files once a year is rarely enough. Hardware or system problems can happen anytime, and your digital files could be lost.

Your Ph.D. thesis, photos from your wedding, videos from your amazing summer vacation, and any other important file you store on your PC could be instantly lost. Cloud backup solutions like SugarSync ensure that your files are safe even if something bad happens to your computer and all of your files are lost.

SugarSync is a powerful cloud storage and file synchronization service that caters to the needs of each user by making it easy and convenient to back up files. It also gives businesses a service that is reliable and safe.

How does SugarSync work?

SugarSync is an easy-to-use online backup, public cloud, and file sharing service that individuals and businesses use to sync files, photos, and music across all devices. It also gives tools for teams to work together more effectively on projects, share files that can only be read, and send links to documents on the web.

It is also a smartly integrated system that can connect to any software ecosystem and pull and sync data from any database without any problems.

Because of its flexible pricing, the platform can be used by both small and large teams and individuals. It is a piece of software that can fit any budget and set of needs. Its services can be used for as little as $7.49 per month. Companies can also ask for a custom price quote that fits their needs and size.

SugarSync Benefits

SugarSync’s best features are its many ways to share and sync files, its ability to let users edit or update their files on the platform, its ability to work with multiple devices, and the fact that it is hosted in the cloud. Here are more details:

A powerful way to share and sync files

SugarSync makes it simple for individuals, team members, and supervisors to share and sync files across multiple devices, from a few folders to whole libraries. Shared folders and documents are also automatically backed up, which happens in real-time. All devices linked to user accounts are always kept current with the most recent changes.

File Manager

SugarSync doesn’t just sync all of a user’s folders automatically; it also lets them work with any folder they want or change its contents from the platform. The File Manager tool gives users much control over their files and makes it easy to organize them. Users can select which register they desire to see and put them in any order they want.

Compatible with every device

The software works with any operating system or mobile platform to access and change files from PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android devices. It also means that it’s fine for people to start working on documents on their office desktop and finish them on an iPad when they’re not at work.


The best thing about SugarSync is that the whole system is hosted in the cloud. This means you don’t have to spend extra time or money running it. Because of this feature, users won’t have to worry about backups, security, or system updates. To use the system fully, users only need to make an account and enter the right credentials on each device they want.

SugarSync Plans,

SugarSync offers a 30-day free trial for all of its plans. During this time, users can try out the features that make it popular cloud storage and backup service.

You can pick from three plans for individuals and two plans for businesses. Unrestricted cloud storage would be a great thing for SugarSync to think about, but the amount of storage they have now isn’t small either. The monthly price for 100GB is $7.49; for 250GB, it’s $9.99. And for 500GB, it’s $18.95.

These are the personal plans; the most popular one is the 250GB plan for $9.99. Business plans offer 1000GB for $55 per month for one to three users, with the option to add up to nine more users. Of course, the price goes up as the number of users increases. The 1000GB business strategy costs $133 per month for 9 users.

With the 1000GB business plan, you can set storage limits per user, turn users on and off, give them roles, set permissions, watch what they do, and remotely wipe their computers. The second business strategy is a custom strategy that can be changed to fit your needs. It’s for businesses with more than 9 users.

The individual plans are not the absolute cheapest backup options on the market, but once you learn about the features of these plans, you’ll understand why they cost a little more.


SugarSync has a Help Center that you can search by keyword, and that has a lot of information about installing, setting up the Desktop app, and fixing problems. If you don’t find any answers that help, you can send in a support ticket. There is no live support or instant phone support, but business plans have access to live phone support from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.

SugarSync’s Pros and Cons

Pros to consider:

  • Compatibility with the most popular platforms; synchronization with several computers;
  • Sharing and working together work;
  • Scalability of business planning; remote wipe function
  • Excellent desktop and mobile applications.

Cons to SugarSync:

  • No Linux support;
  • File versioning only works for the last five versions of a file;
  • Compared to other cloud backup services, a little on the pricey side;
  • There is no free subscription and only a 30-day trial;
  • Plans for a single user don’t offer live chat or phone support.

Who is SugarSync designed for?

This file server and backup service work well enough to be a good choice for individuals and businesses. By looking at the features of this service, it’s clear that SugarSync wants to make a simple and flexible product that users can use to store, back up, and share their data. It is an all-in-one solution for both personal and business use. Sharing and working with relatives or teams is easy, and it works on various devices and platforms.

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