Squarespace Review In 2022

Topic: “Squarespace Review In 2022” Squarespace had come a long way since 2003 when it was just one man’s project in his dorm room. The site’s great features and easy-to-use, well-thought-out design have contributed to its success.

During our Squarespace review, we started to notice that the visuals of this drag-and-drop website builder also make us think of feng shui. Squarespace’s approach is simple: figure out what clients want and make a solution that is easy to use and looks great.

Even though there aren’t millions of Squarespace themes, the ones there have been fine-tuned to perfection. Squarespace wants to be a one-stop shop by providing a wide range of services. Our review concentrates on all Squarespace users who should know the most crucial facts.

How Much Is Squarespace?

First, let’s look at Squarespace’s pricing plans. There are four plans on the site right now, and a fifth is still in the “early access phase.” You can always change your plan. When you upgrade, you pay more, but when you downgrade, you get your money back, which is a pretty fair deal.


The Personal plan doesn’t come with eCommerce functionality or the ability to change CSS and JavaScript. This package isn’t for you if you want more than the most basic website since it only lets two people contribute and has other restrictions.


Most people choose the Business plan. It lets you make online stores, change the look of your website, use Squarespace’s marketing tools, and work with as many people as you want. This Squarespace price package has a low annual payment option, making it perfect for business owners starting with eCommerce.

The only problem is that it costs 3% to make a transaction. This means that for every sale you make through your website, Squarespace is entitled to 3% of each transaction. The good news is that the next two plans don’t have this cost.

Basic Commerce

If you already know how to run an online business, the Basic Commerce package, which includes several Squarespace eCommerce features, could be helpful. We liked that these extra features let you set up your checkout, give customers accounts, and show your products on Instagram. These features make your website seem more trustworthy and professional.

Advanced Commerce

The final plan’s price is justified by its advanced eCommerce features. As with all services other than website kits, you must choose the type of website you desire. Sometimes, having the most professionally done website can help you stand out from the crowd. So it could be a good thought to save money on the most expensive Squarespace cost kit. The plan opens up many options, such as subscriptions and discounts.

How do you use Squarespace?

Squarespace makes it easy to make your website. You don’t have to know a lot about coding or design to make a website that looks great. It has a frictional pressure interface, which is what all of the best website builders have in common. To begin, choose a template from Squarespace and change it to fit your needs.

You can change your fonts, colors, animations, and spacing, as well as your browser icons, your lock screen, and your buttons. With Squarespace, you can make a website that feels truly unique. You can also see the adjustments you make as you make them.

You don’t have to wait until the site is live to see what you’ve done. All of the templates are flexible, which is another important point. It doesn’t matter if people use a computer or a phone to access your website because it works perfectly on both.

Once you’ve put your content on different pages, you can utilize the Squarespace website to add frames and sections. If you don’t have any images of your own, you can look through Unsplash and Getty Images right from Squarespace. After that, you might want to add a few additions or scheduling apps from a third party.

Is Squarespace helpful for SEO?

No review of Squarespace would be complete without a section on its SEO features, and Squarespace has a lot to offer in this area:

  • Automatically created sitemaps
  • SSL certificates
  • Good HTML Markup
  • Automatic tagging
  • Fixed URLs
  • Automatic route changes
  • Page and search engine descriptions AMP
  • Rich Google search results
  • Automatically created structured data
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Built-in meta tags

Another helpful SEO tool that arrives with Squarespace is the Search Keywords panel. You can determine which keywords work best in your text by looking at the information given. Also, Squarespace lets you share your content on different social media sites, and your users can do the same.

Pros Of Using Squarespace

  • A beautiful set of templates that look professional and are optimized for all devices. Squarespace helps you choose the right template based on your niche, top goals, and where you are in the process.
  • Have SEO tools built in to help grow traffic in the beginning? Use Squarespace’s SEO checklist to improve your website for search engines and visitors.
  • All the tools you need to make websites, professional portfolios, and online shops are in one place. It is best known for making websites that look professional with little work.
  • Excellent tools for blogging that make it easy to share important information like new products, company news, etc.
  • Connecting to apps like Dropbox, Google Maps, Unsplash, Instagram, Twitter, etc., is easy. Connect your most-used apps to make your tasks easier to handle.
  • Use Squarespace’s video studio to get more people to interact with your site. Use the right mix of visuals and strong words to persuade the people you want to persuade.
  • Look at the relevant analytics to learn more about the people who visit your website.
  • Get the most out of great customer service.

Cons Of Squarespace Use

  • Templates make it easy for people to get started. But everyone likes to change things to fit their own needs. Squarespace isn’t as good for some people because you can’t change the rows that come with your template.
  • Automation speeds up and makes everything easier. It gives you time to work on other important things. Some parts of Squarespace aren’t automated, so you have to do things by hand, like saving changes every time you make a change.

Squarespace Customer Service

Squarespace has a knowledge base with a lot of information to help customers along their journey. The personal support team also does a wonderful job. Every question is answered quickly. Even though you might have to wait in some situations, the team works hard to clear up any confusion that comes up along the way.


Squarespace is a trustworthy web platform that has achieved its position as the best in the business. It’s not perfect, but what is? Squarespace is the place to go if you’re a blogger, an artist of any kind, or want to start making the most stylish website possible.

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