Hosting Review In 2022 Hosting Review” Web hosting is essential to building an online presence, but it can also be one the most stressful. You can establish your hosting, but it costs money and takes time. It could also leave your website open to security breaches, costing you even more in the long run.

Key Features

Performance and Speed employs a cloud edge network (CDN) whose architecture directs WordPress users to the regional server with the fastest response times. Because of this worldwide network, your WordPress site will load faster, no matter where you are.

When tested for performance, some users found that after moving their WordPress site to the platform, the TTFB (Time To First Byte) was less than 100 milliseconds. In other words, this company’s WordPress hosting plans are so fast that they could be one of the quickest WordPress hosting solutions available today.

User-Friendly Interface

If you’re new to building websites, the complicated features of a hosting partner’s control panel may be too much for you to handle. So,’s easy-to-use interface was made with people just starting out in mind. Even advanced and experienced users won’t have any trouble with the features.

The simple control panel can cut a lot of time they need to build a website. The well-designed control panel is clean and nice to look at, and users can change themes and handle WordPress plugins right from the dashboard. Also, Rocket Hosting works with all plugins and themes, making the process smooth and easy.

Adapts to spikes in traffic

Most of the time, a rise in daily traffic is a good sign. But a sudden rise in the number of users can cause WordPress sites to slow down or even crash, which can turn off current or potential customers. is set up to handle traffic spikes, which is good news. Our researchers used a load-testing tool to send 100 virtual users to a WordPress-powered website within five minutes. This was done to see how well the company works when busy.

Improved Security

People often criticize the security plugins for WordPress because they are outdated and leave their site’s information open to attack. Many WordPress site owners and administrators have to spend a lot of time fixing security loopholes.

Most of the time, the problem worsens if the WP administrator doesn’t know how to deal with it. So, tries to close the gap by offering top-notch security features. Cloudflare Enterprise provides a Website Application Firewall (WAF).

Integration And Migrations’s WordPress migrations are quick and free, making it easy to move from an old host and integrate with the new one. So, when you move a site from an old host to the Rocket platform, there won’t be any downtime. says that it is up 99.99% of the time. Any way you look at it, the customer service team is always there to help you through each step.

And if you look at the different review sites for web hosting, you’ll find that users have praised for making it easy to connect to other hosts. On that note, a user said that the hosting company helped them move their Woocommerce site the fastest they have ever seen.

Customer Service

Managing WordPress themes is hard for experienced users and those just starting out. offers a simple way to host your site, so you don’t have to worry about how it works. In addition to faster response times, better security, and a smooth user experience, the company has great customer service for any problems that may come up.

The customer service team can be contacted by phone, live chat, or email any time of the day or week. Even though the 24×7 ticket system has a good response time, we recommend calling or using live chat if you need help immediately.

Various pricing plans

Rocket Hosting makes a name for itself as a high-quality WP hosting service, with prices that range from pricey to a little pricey. But the fees are a small price for what they bring to the table. Still, gives away some important services, like DNS, CDN, WAF, and more, for free.

From most costly to least expensive, these are the four plans you can pick from:


With the “Enterprise” plan, you can pay $200 per month for 25 WordPress installs and 500,000 visits. This is the most expensive plan, but it’s a good choice for people who have a lot of clients and need a lot of resources. This plan gives you 50 GB of storage and free CDN, DNS, and WAF.


The “Business” plan costs $100 monthly and lets you have 10 WordPress installations and 250,000 visits. 40 GB of storage is one of the extra perks.


Under the “Pro” plan, will host up to three WordPress sites. This plan is likely the most famous of the four. If you choose this option, you pay $60 monthly for a hosting account and get 20 GB of space.


As the title suggests, a “Starter” hosting account is a great place for someone who has never managed a website before to start. It will cost you $30 per month for a single Blogspot install and 25,000 visits. Also, this plan’s 10 GB of storage space might be enough for you.

Website statistics

You no longer have to go to your WordPress dashboard to see how many people have visited your sites.’s web hosting services are a handy tool that lets you see how many people have visited your site in the last 24 hours, 30 days, or 60 days.



This company stands out immediately because of how fast its pages load, which is probably where its name comes from. And in fact, even the positive reviews on other evaluation pages often say that the main benefits are pages that load faster and are fully cached. Also, downtimes are almost unheard of with this hosting company, which isn’t surprising since this company has about 99.99% uptime.


As for how easy it is, the dashboard and regulate panel are well-made and can be used by both new and experienced users. With the tools provided, it’s easier and faster to manage WordPress plugins, change themes, and keep track of website analytics.

Also, the server configurations are managed very well, which may help you speed up your website. Not to mention that the company has a great support team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help users fix problems as quickly as possible.

Free Service

Free SSL, CDN, and WAF services are also nice. And while CDN makes sure hosting is fast, SSL and WAF are essential for tightening and improving website security.


  • Most of the time, getting your WordPress website built with the characteristics of WordPress hosting that offers is a good idea.
  • But it’s important to note that some competitors offer a lot of help for new users with managed WordPress hosting, like video tutorials and how-to articles. Even though doesn’t have the same knowledge-based resources yet, it is a growing company that may soon do the same.


It’s not easy to run WordPress sites. A website needs to be kept up in general, but you must also be ready for sudden changes. Some of these are security holes and sudden jumps in traffic. More and more firms are investing in web hosting corporations to produce their WordPress sites faster, more reliably, and easier to manage. Even though there are many companies to select from, not every WordPress platform can ensure that your company takes off like a rocket.

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