How To Login To Your WordPress Dashboard In A Few Steps

If you’re new to WordPress or haven’t used it in a while, you might not know how to log in or modify how you get to your account. The way WordPress is set up by default might not be the best way for you to log in.

You can log into a WordPress site in many different ways. The basic method of using a username and password works, but you can also link multiple accounts and use the credentials for those accounts instead.

This can be faster, and you won’t have to remember as many passwords. In this article, we’ll talk about six ways to sign in to WordPress. We’ll tell you what to perform if you can’t log in and answer some questions often.

How to get to the control panel for WordPress

The dashboard, which most people call the WordPress administration panel, is where you can control your site. Here, you can add new comments, install new plugins and themes and change your settings.

After you installed WordPress and established your login information, one of the first things you’ll want to do is go to your dashboard. When you are making your website, you must remember your credentials. If you don’t, you might get locked out.

When you’re logged in to your site, you’ll see options to go back to the dashboard, log out, or use other backend features. Depending on your topic and layout, you should be able to find these options in the top menu, the footer, or the sidebar.

If you are not signed in, you won’t be able to use the dashboard. You can only look at the site as a guest. Let’s examine how you can sign in to your WordPress site.

Sign in with your login name and password

You must enter your password and username by default to log in to WordPress. When you set up your website, you chose these. Check the “Remember Me” box if you don’t want to have to type in your password and username every time you want to go to your site. This will save your login information on your device.

If you delete your cookies, this won’t work anymore, and you’ll have to log in again the next time you visit. Most web browsers can remember your login information, so you don’t have to type it in every time. This can be helpful, but you might not want to save your account information on devices and browsers that other people use. If you do, they might be able to get into your account.

Log in from the hosting control panel.

Most of the time, WordPress users have a third-party host that keeps their site online. These companies have software called a control panel that lets you change the settings for your website. Most of the time, you’ll make an account for your WordPress website’s control panel.

This implies that when you go to your website’s control panel, you must also be logged in. If not, you may need to use one of the other ways on this list to log in to your site after you open your control panel. Depending on your hosting company’s software, the process will be different, but it’s usually very easy.

Sign in using your social media accounts

Social logins aren’t turned on by default in WordPress, but you can add them with a plugin. This can make it much faster for you and your team to log in because you can use an account you’re already logged into to get to your site.

Many plugins can do this, and Nextend Social Login and Register are among them. You can link your existing user profile to your Facebook, Try googling or Twitter profile with this tool. Then, when you sign in to your site, you could use one of these social accounts instead.

Use your Google account to get in.

We’ve looked at how to log in to so far. If you use, you will have a few more ways to get to your website. This might be easier than using a username and password since you’re probably already signed in to Chrome or Gmail.

To use your Google account to log in, you must click the Continue with Google button on the login page. This will ask for your login name and password. If you’re already signed in to your Gmail account, will take you there automatically.

Sign in using your Apple account.

You can also use your Apple ID to sign in to your site on This may be the easiest way for iPhone and Mac users. It will stop you from having to maintain an extra password, and it will probably be faster if you’re using an Apple device.

  • To use your Apple account, click Continue with Apple.
  • This will ask you to sign in with your Apple account. You can go to your site immediately if you have already signed in.

Obtain a login link

You can also use the Email me a user account link option to sign in to your site. You’ll need to gain entry to the email address that goes with your account. You’ll then get an email with a link to your center console.

How to fix WordPress login problems

Many things could make it hard for you to log in to your site. If you typed in the wrong password on the login page, you’d see the following message:

You can change your password if you click the link that says, Lost your password? Then, you’ll need to enter your site’s username or email address to get a link that will let you change your password. Once you’ve chosen your password, you can try again by returning to your login screen.

Remember that saving your login information in one of the above ways can make it easier to get into your account. Linking more than one website to a specific fund like Google or Apple can help you remember fewer passwords.

It can be harder to sign in if you can’t remember your email address or username location. You can log in with either of these, so let’s hope you remember one of them if you don’t remember the other. You can try to find your site’s email address by looking at your contact page or any other documentary evidence you may have.

If your site has a contact page with an email address, it may be the same Email you used to make the site. You could get a login error that has nothing to do with your username or password. This includes the well-known redirect loop that you should be able to resolve by deleting the cookies on your browser or turning off your plugins.

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