How To Change Font Color In WordPress

Topic:How To Change Font Color In WordPress” Using custom colors is one of the most effective strategies for giving your website a unique, branded look. Changing the color of your fonts is part of this. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to change the color of your WordPress fonts. With this method, you can change the font color on certain parts of your website for good.

Like having your headers and links be different colors. Most paid WordPress themes have a built-in customizer that makes it easy to change the fonts and colors. Don’t worry if this feature isn’t in your theme. This guide will help you have the job done.

The Significance of Picking the Proper Fonts for Your Website

Before we discuss changing the font color in your header, let’s discuss why you want to. Recent research has shown that for many people, the layout and style of a website and how easy it is to read the fonts are more important than flashy pictures or images.

You should choose between three and four fonts for the different parts of your page: one for the header or title, one for the titles, and one for the main text. This creates a hierarchy that works to help your website flow and makes the design of your website more pleasing to people who visit it.

Fonts should reflect your brand’s personality and spirit, and you should choose them with the future in mind. Customers can get confused when you change your brand, so you want to make sure you choose something you can stick with.

How to Select Fonts for Your WordPress Site

It’s crucial to choose fonts that go with your brand’s style and look good together. If you don’t, your site might not show who you are or make you look unprofessional. Google fonts make it easy to try out different fonts online.

People like the Google font library because it’s free and easy to add to a WordPress site. Google fonts are made to work well on the web, which makes your site load faster. Not all fonts are created for the web by default. There are more than a thousand fonts to choose from, and many come with different weights and styles to give you more options.

Font Combination Guidelines

Generally, you should use one font for your site’s headings and a different one for the main text. However, we can’t tell you which typefaces would work best on your site. Every website has its personality, and you should find fonts that show what that personality is. It might sound hard to use fonts that match contrast, but we promise it’s not. When choosing fonts, we suggest that you follow these rules.

Use Serif and Sans Serif Fonts

First, let’s talk about serif and sans serif fonts. Serifs are the little flourishes at the end of letters called “feet” or “tails.” Serif fonts have been used in books, newspapers, and magazines for a long time. If you use a font with serifs on your website, it will look a little bit more sophisticated. In the picture below, a font with serifs is on top, and font without serifs is on the bottom. Each title makes you feel and think something different about what the movie will be about.

How to Change the Color of the Font in WordPress

You can change the color of the text in WordPress in a few different ways. The WordPress post editor makes it easy to change the color of the text. But those ways only work for a short time. By doing these steps, you can change the font color for certain text elements for good. This is how.

Step 1: Use a Plugins

If you’re new to WordPress, the easiest way to change the color of the fonts is to use a plugin. For this task, we’ll use the Style Guide plugin. It’s a great free plugin that anyone can use, even if they don’t know much about web design. The FontPress premium plugin can be used for more advanced changes.

First, move to Plugins >> Add New and install the plugin. Then be sure to turn it on.

Now, you can move to Appearance>> Customize to locate the new Colors & Fonts panel.

You can quickly change the color of links and other text elements from this panel. You can even change the font with it.

The plugin will restrict how much you can change depending on the theme you use. If you don’t see any color options in this panel, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Include Custom CSS

Using custom CSS is an easy and more effective way to change the color of fonts in WordPress. Using CSS code, you can change the color of certain text elements on your website by going after them if you want to change the color of your H2 subheadings, for instance.

You can use other text elements like H3, a, a: hover, and a: visited for links instead of H2. To change the way something looks, you can also change the color values with hex color codes.

Go to Appearance>>Customize and find the Specially made CSS tab. Then add this CSS code to the publisher to change how the page looks. In the live preview, you’ll be able to see the changes. With this Codex guide, you can learn more about using WordPress fonts. And about the style font property in CSS.

How to Add Your Fonts to WordPress

WordPress also lets you use the fonts that you choose. Using a plugin is the easiest way to add fonts if your theme doesn’t support custom fonts. Or, you can use the Style Guide plugin we showed you earlier.

You can do this job better and for free with the Easy Google Fonts plugin. It makes it easy to access the whole Google Fonts library and change the fonts on your website. You can study more about this process by reading our full guide to using custom fonts.


You can make your WordPress website look more like you by using a custom font and changing the text color. It will help your website stand out. Check out our unique premium themes bundle if you want to take things a step further and give your site a new look. It comes with more than 60 for a low price.

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