HostGator Review: Is It Really a Good Choice?

Topic: “HostGator Review: Is It Really a Good Choice?” HostGator is not a new hosting company. It is one of the oldest, and anyone using hosting services knows the name. Brent Oxley started the company in 2002. Even though the company started little, they now host more than 9,000,000 domains on its servers. The Endurance International Group, one of the world’s largest hosting companies, bought the company in 2012.

Plans of HostGator and their prices

There are numerous hosting plans, cloud hosting plans, VPS hosting plans, dedicated server hosting plans, and even reseller hosting plans available at HostGator. The Hatchling plan for shared hosting costs $2.75 per month. Two other shared hosting plans are the Baby plan and the Business plan. Both plans cost $5.95 per month during the promotional period.

All shared plans have unlimited bandwidth and can be set up with just one click. Only the Baby and Business plans allow you to host an unlimited number of domains on a single account. Plans for scalable cloud hosting starts at $4.95 per month and go up to $9.95 per month for the Business cloud plan, which can host an unlimited number of domains on a single account and comes with free private SSL and IP.

WordPress cloud hosting: Try one of HostGator’s WordPress cloud hosting plans to speed up your WordPress blog or website. Because of their cloud hosting architecture, CDN, multiple caching layers, and low-density servers, this plan will make your site load 2.5 times faster. The most popular plan is Baby Cloud because it lets you host an unlimited number of domains.

HostGator has some of the most affordable VPS hosting plans in the business. Prices range from $19.99 to $39.95 per month. You can obtain up to 8 GB of RAM, 4 CPU cores, 240 GB of disc space, and 3 TB of bandwidth. These plans are also scalable, which means that you can add resources at any time to meet your site’s needs as it grows.

You can buy dedicated servers with Linux or Windows as the operating system and choose between a semi-managed and fully managed server. Also, each server has 3 IPv6 addresses dedicated to it and DDoS protection.

The basic dedicated server costs $119 per month and has the following features: Intel Xeon-D CPU with 8 GB RAM, 4 cores and 8 threads, 1 TB HDD, and bandwidth that is not limited. The most expensive host at HostGator starts at $149/month and has 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, and unlimited bandwidth.

Hosting that runs on Windows is not only available on dedicated servers. Shared hosting plans for Windows can be bought from HostGator for as little as $4.47 per month. Plans in this category arrive with a Plesk control panel and have unlimited disc space and capacity.

Starting at $19.95 per month, a reseller plan gives you 60 GB of storage, 600 GB of channel capacity, and hosting for an unlimited number of domains. Each package comes with licenses for cPanel, WHM, and WHMCS.

HostGator Hosting’s Features

The hosting plans from HostGator are full of great features and freebies, which makes them some of the most well-rounded plans in the business. Without further ado, here’s a list of what HostGator can do for you:

  • Hosting plans for either Windows or Linux, with free licenses for Plesk, cPanel, WHM, and WHMCS;
  • 45-day guarantee on money back;
  • 9% uptime guarantee;
  • Free migration services, including the transfer of your domain, website, MySQL, and scripts;
  • Hosting for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento applications;
  • A large number of programming languages (CGI, Fast CGI, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSL) are supported;
  • Root access and SSH access;
  • Free website builder tool;
  • SEO software;
  • options for managed and semi-managed servers;
  • Weekly backups of data off-site;
  • Some plans come with free dedicated IPs and SSLs;
  • At checkout, you can buy extras like CodeGuard, SiteLock, GSuite, and Domain Privacy;
  • Plans for hosting that can be scaled up or down;
  • Free marketing credits (Google AdWords, Yahoo/Bing), support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • With some plans, you can choose between HDD and SSD storage.

HostGator’s Performance & Uptime Record

As was already said, HostGator guarantees that their shared plans will be up 99.9% of the time. We set up a test webpage with HostGator and measured the uptime with UptimeRobot to see how well they did. We’ve been keeping an eye on this website for further than a year, and we’ve decided that their guarantee is real. They are so steady and reliable that they do much more than they promise.

  • Uptime for HostGator in January 2018
  • We lost 2 minutes in the last 30 days. As you may have noticed, the server only takes 79 milliseconds to respond.
  • Pingdom says it takes 371 ms to load, which is quicker than 98% of the other websites it has tested.
  • Pingdom was used to test how well HostGator works.
  • The above test results show that HostGator is reliable and has fast service.

HostGator Customer Service

HostGator offers customer service through toll-free phone calls, live chat, and email. Customers willing to do some of their work can also use a large knowledge base. On the HostGator forum, you can get help from the community.

You can look through more than 330,000 threads and get advice from more than 200,000 members. Even though there are many ways to get help, HostGator’s customer service has been praised and criticized, which is not surprising given how many customers they have.

Pros and Cons of HostGator

HostGator is a well-known and well-established hosting company with plans that have a lot of features and can meet most hosting needs. So, let’s look at the good and bad things about HostGator.


  • Hosting options for Linux and Windows
  • 45-day guarantee of money back
  • Hosting plans with lots of features
  • Free help with moving.
  • Licenses for cPanel and Plesk


  • Long commitment periods to get lower prices (e.g., 36 months)
  • Shared hosting plans don’t come with a free domain.

HostGator has month-to-month plans, but if you want to pay less, you may need to be serious about staying with them. This might not go over well with customers who don’t like being stuck with one vendor.

HostGator promises that your website will be up – and – running 99.9% of the time. Their 45-day cash guarantee is also longer than the average in the industry. This provides you with many times to try out their services.


HostGator has been in the web hosting business for a long time, which is getting increasingly able to compete and even crowded. Aside from the long contracts, HostGator’s hosting services are popular because they come with many features and freebies.

They have a variety of hosting plans that are built with scalability in mind. They also offer domain enrollment and domain privacy services. This creates them a good choice for people who want the same company to host their domain and website.

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