Free Fire Advance Server – OBB+Data and OB37 Update APK.

Here are the steps to download Free Fire Advance Server – OBB+Data and OB37 Update APK.

Android, iOS, or iPad OS users can play the game on their smartphones. Continue reading to find out more about Fire Advance Server.

Free Fire Advance Server – OB37 Update APK

As of April 2022, there were 197, 717 and 300 Indian players. These numbers change constantly due to the game’s flaws, features, and functionalities. While playing Free Fire, most Android users have to deal with the problem of limited space on their phones.

Free Fire Advance Server
Free Fire Advance Server

Many people have downloaded the Free Fire Advance Server – OB37 Update Apk file despite this. We have provided basic information about the update versions, dates and codes that can be used to log in to the game. Also, the steps to download the most recent version.

OBB+Data Free Fire Advance Server

Garena sends out a monthly update to FF. While this can be tedious for players, it is also beneficial as players won’t have to deal with slow loading issues or other problems.

Officially, the Free Fire Advance Server Update launched on 17/11/2022. Millions of players have downloaded it already.

An OBB file is a collection of important assets, which are the files that were achieved in the FF game. This allows the game to run smoothly on the phone. An OBB file contains audio, video, graphics and sound as well as other functions. It is therefore important for players to download the OBB file. Android users will find the game easier and more complex to play with this update.

We will discuss fewer steps to help you download the OBB files in the next section.

Size of the Fire Advance Server Free

Knowing the file size is crucial because it will allow you to make space on your phone to download it. You might have trouble downloading the game if your storage space is limited. To confirm that you are able to download the OBB file, please check the table or the portal.

APK Download Size 61.2 MB
OBB File Download Size 539 MB

For the latest version of freefire, gaming and experience are already smoother. We will discuss some of the more unique features here.

How to download Fire Advance Server Free – OB37Update APK, OBB+Data

We received many requests from players to create an OBB+Data article. OBB files are vital for downloading the game. We have listed some steps below.

Step 1 Visit the official website for Free Fire in Your Web Browser

Step 2 Click on the Free Fire Advance Server – OB37 Update APK OBB+Data download

Step 3 Don’t get lost in the links, as you might have older versions of the game on the site

Step 4 Select “Download”

Step 5 Now the downloading process will begin. It will take some time before you can download.

Step 6 Download the APK file, and then start playing the game

These are the steps gamers can take to obtain the OBB files. Your mobile device must have enough space to install the game. Clear cache and remove unneeded apps to get the latest version. provides the official website where players can download the latest version. Players will need to wait longer if the version isn’t available. There are high chances of data breaches if you download files from unknown sources. Download the latest version only from the top portal.


It will come out to approximately 20 million players if we take the average. This number will show you how popular the game is! Several gamers are currently participating in the Free Fire World Series (FFWS). The most recent series will take place in Bangkok. You can find more information on the official website for FF.

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