Content Marketing: 15 Reasons You Should Love It

Topic:Content Marketing: 15 Reasons You Should Love It” Marketers can utilize email marketing as one of their most powerful tools. I don’t care what industry you’re in – there are countless ways to integrate email into your campaign and drive a ton of value for your business.

However, it’s not uncommon for marketers to struggle with understanding the actual ROI of email. It’s true that many different variables play into email campaigns and how well they convert, but here are 15 reasons why you should never doubt the power of an email:

Email Is Far More Affordable Than Traditional Marketing Methods

An email has fewer barriers than traditional marketing methods. Not only is a program’s cost often far less expensive, but it also has an incredibly low cost of entry. A simple set-up process makes it easy to use, especially if you use a third-party email marketing company that provides access to templates and the ability to import subscribers.

Email Has the Highest ROI Of Any Marketing Channel

Email consistently outperforms other channels like direct mail, print ads, TV, and more! According to most studies on the subject in recent years, email ROIs average out to a staggering $44.25 for every dollar spent on an email campaign!

Email Is Easy To Test and Measure

There are tons of tools available that help marketers track the success of their campaigns – open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates…the list goes on and on. These numbers help marketers tweak their campaigns to improve performance.

Email Targets Specific Audiences

Email is incredibly powerful because it allows you to zero in on a very specific group of people or audience. Email marketing enables you to be incredibly targeted with your messages and offers, whether you’re selling high-end fashion or office supplies.

Email Is an Interactive Marketing Channel

Email is not just a promotional tool – it’s interactive! Whether you’re sending out an email asking your audience to complete a survey or inviting your subscribers to sign up for your newsletter, email allows marketers to engage with their audiences directly like no other channel does. This level of engagement is priceless in today’s marketplace.

People Are More Comfortable With Email Than Any Other Marketing Channel

Don’t get me wrong – email marketing has its skeptics, just like any other channel. But the fact is that people are more comfortable with email than any other marketing channel out there! In short, people have grown to trust email and accept it as a viable marketing channel.

Email Is More Personal Than Any Other Marketing Channel

Marketers have direct access to their list of subscribers, which allows them to craft and send out highly personalized messages based on the subscriber’s buying patterns and activities. Marketers can create emails that are unique for each individual on their list!

Email Is Far More Open To Interaction Than Any Other Marketing Channel

Email is a highly interactive channel that allows marketers to implement calls-to-action, surveys, and offers in their campaigns to encourage direct engagement from subscribers. This level of interaction is virtually unheard of with other channels out there! That’s not to say marketers can’t use the same tactics with other channels, but email makes it much easier.

Email Is an Integral Part of Any Well-Rounded Marketing Plan

Email is one channel with such a diverse set of benefits and opportunities for marketers to take advantage of…but to do so, marketers have to leverage email as part of an effective and well-rounded marketing plan. This way, marketers can maximize their ROI across the board.

A great way to build up your customer base is through email.

As I mentioned earlier, email has a high open rate and is one of the best ways to drive sales and attract new customers to your brand. There are many ways marketers can utilize email marketing to help build up their customer base.

Email Is a Super Convenient Marketing Channel

Email is super convenient because it’s always by marketers’ sides (literally). Email is frequently checked by people, which means marketers can communicate anytime!

Consumers Only Pay Attention To Email

Any other channel cannot match the sheer attention that email receives from consumers. The challenge for every marketer is getting their message in front of their target audience. Still, email is one of the few marketing channels where marketers can practically guarantee 100% attention from their targeted subscribers.

Email Is Far Less Competitive Than Any Other Channel Out There

Similar to that, email is far less competitive than other channels, particularly social media. Think about it…how many times have you spent hours trying to devise a killer social media strategy only to see your posts get lost in all the noise? Well, that’s not an email issue!

Email Is As Close To 100% Deliverability as Any Channel Out There.

Email has the highest deliverability rate out of any other channel (even higher than social media). Despite all the changes that have taken place in recent years – like Google’s recent algorithm updates – email still delivers!

Sales Can Be Driven By Email

To drive tons of targeted traffic and conversions to their sites, marketers can use email as one of the most effective and affordable marketing tools! There you have it, 15 undeniable reasons marketers love email marketing!

But of course, this is just scraping the surface of everything email offers. Email opens up a new world for marketers regarding reaching out and engaging consumers. I’m you agree with this list? If so, what am I missing? Is there anything you would like to change or add to the list?

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