Buzzsprout Review In 2022

Topic:Buzzsprout Review In 2022″ Podcasting has become the most crucial part of any brand or business. There are a lot of different ways to host a podcast. So, it won’t be easy to decide which one to pick. But if you’re still unsure which one to choose, you can start podcasting with Buzzsprout’s free podcast hosting.

This Buzzsprout review will also discuss its features, pricing, and other things. Buzzsprout is the best place to host podcasts. It was started in 2009 and had more than 100,000 users. Buzzsprout gives its users many tools to help them make podcasts and set up their shows on the platform.

So, let’s start with an honest review of Buzzsprout to help you decide if it’s right for your business.

What’s Buzzsprout?

Buzzsprout is a popular web-based podcast hosting service that lets you easily store and host your content library and podcast episodes. Buzzsprout has not only added hosting for episodes to its services, but it has also added tools for analyzing how people use the site.

Buzzsprout’s advanced services will not only help them market better but will also help them make more money. Buzzsprout is the best way to host podcasts because it has safe hosting, easy integration with social media, and good RSS feed maintenance.

How do I set up Buzzsprout?

It’s not hard to set up Buzzsprout. You can still look at the step-by-step guide to setting up Buzzsprout. Here’s how to get your first episode ready.

Setting up for a Show

Sign in to your account to get started. On the dashboard, there are options for getting info about Podcasts. You must upload your podcast’s title, description, artwork, category, time zone, and other important information. When you are done adding information about the podcast, click the Save Podcast Info button to move on.

After you’ve done a good job recording your first podcast, you’ll see a section for episodes. Here, you can tap Upload a new episode to send the file. You can also add metadata to make your readers find your content simple.

You can fill in the episode number, description, and time of release to make the process easier. You can also set a date for when you’d like your episode to go live if you don’t want it to go live right away. You can plan your material for the future or even put your episode back in time.

Getting your podcast onto the platform

Now that you know who put together this Buzzsprout review Let’s take a quick look at how you can move your existing audio to Buzzsprout. The process is fast and easy to understand.

When you log into your Buzzsprout account, it asks you if you are a new podcaster or already have a podcast. Choose the second option to move on. By default, Buzzsprout will start taking you to iTunes. You can also type in the RSS feed if your podcast is down. Then Buzzsprout will bring in all the episodes you already have.


Magic Mastery:

Every podcast can find gold in high-quality audio. So, Buzzsprout, free podcasting software, gives you a great “Magic mastering” feature that cuts down on background noise and makes your audio sound better.

Buzzsprout will automatically re-encode your audio file to ensure it meets the standards and improves the quality of your audio. This will help you raise your standards and improve the quality of your audio. You must ensure everything is clear, whether your sound is music or a voice.

Changing content:

As the title suggests, this feature lets users add podcast segments to make content that changes over time. On top of that, it lets you add pre-roll and post-roll segments to your podcast episodes without destroying them.

Buzzsprout also gives you ready-made templates that you can use in your podcast. It lets you send a message to everyone listening to your podcast, no matter what episode they are on. Buzzsprout’s interface wants to take care of everything, so you don’t need audio editing software.

Monetization Facilities:

Buzzsprout is different from others because it can make money through affiliate marketing. It’s not hard to join the affiliate network; it’s a simple process. To join the affiliate program, go to the “Resources” section of the dashboard and look for an option to join the affiliate marketplace. After you sign up, you can work for companies such as Instacart, Allswell, and others.

Buzzsprout works with the company’s website and affiliate marketplaces so that you can attach with the right affiliate programs and make money from your podcast episodes. The link will work on every platform where your podcast is available.

Distribution and Directories:

Buzzsprout gives its users a great way to share their content: directories. The platform has tools that make it simple for users to share all of their podcasts on all of the most popular social media platforms.

Buzzsprout is the finest podcast hosting platform because it makes it easy to create and copy email links for your marketing campaign and gives podcasters the instructions they need to finish the submission process. Buzzsprout makes it very easy to share on social networks. It also gives podcasters specific instructions on how to utilize each directory.

Buzzsprout Pricing

Let’s get to the next portion of our Buzzsprout review quickly. Buzzsprout makes sure that its pricing plans are fair for its users. Buzzsprout’s pricing plan is based on how many hours of podcasts you can upload each month.

The free plan only lets you upload two hours of audio per month. You can see advanced stats and have as many team members as you want. This plan is best for people who are new to the platform and want to learn everything there is to know about all of its features.

The price of the second plan is $12 a month. This plan lets you upload up to three hours of audio per month. You can see advanced stats, store as much as you want, have as many team members as you want, and ship podcasts for free. Also, if you want to add more content, you must pay $4 per hour.

The monthly cost of the third plan is $18. This plan lets you upload up to six hours of audio per month. In the second plan, you can use all of the above features. Also, if you want to add more content, you must pay $3 per hour.

The price for the final plan is $24 per month. This plan lets you upload up to 12 hours of audio per month. You can expect to be paid $2 per hour to post more content on top of the above mentioned ones.

Pros and Cons of Buzzsprout: A Review


  • Better ways to make money
  • Promotional tools that get better over time
  • Easy to understand and use
  • It’s good for both experts and newcomers.
  • Able to host more than one show
  • Free podcasting software lets you schedule podcast postings and sends podcasts out with just one click.


  • There aren’t many ways to change it.
  • The free plan has a few characteristics.


Buzzsprout is the best, most popular, and most periods to ensure podcast hosting service for any business. It has features that are out of this world and cost very little. And if you don’t like the features or services it offers, you can nullify your subscription anytime.

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