Black Adam OTT Release Date

This article contains all the details you need to learn about Black Adam OTT Release Date, OTT Rights, Platform and Running Times.

The film was released worldwide in October 2022. The Black Adam Release Date is now in the audience’s sights. The relevant information will be shared here.

Black Adam OTT Release Date

Dwayne is a well-known name. His film “Jumanji” with Nick Jonas was a huge success. His film was loved by both children and adults. Fans will be able to see the actor in his latest film. Dwayne Johnson plays the role of Black Adam. The movie was released on October 20, 2022. Now, viewers are eagerly awaiting the OTT platform. This article will provide the necessary information.

You can see the transformation of a Supervillian into a “Good Guy” as Dwayne joins ‘Justice Society’ to defeat Sin-Eater. Even if the movie shows supernatural powers, viewers can understand the circle and effect of Karma. These powers are not meant to be used against anyone or anything, but they can be used for positive purposes. This is why Adam’s story, which you will enjoy, rests on this idea.

Black Adam OTT Release Date
Black Adam OTT Release Date

Adam is a DC Comics character who is well-known for his extraordinary power. He uses them in a different way, which leads to him being imprisoned. When he joins Justice Army, he is able to escape the curse. Adam’s survival role in the movie is incredible and worth a watch.

Black Adam OTT Release date Overview

Movie Name Black Adam
Directed Jaume Collett-Serra
Written Adam Sztykiel and Rory Haines.
Genre Action, Thriller Fantasy, Drama
Cast Dwayne Johnson Henry, Noah, Jennifer Holland Sarah, Aldis Holge Pierce Brosnan
Language English

Black Adam OTT Release Date Storyline

Teth Adam, the main character, is granted power by the almighty. He had used his power to take revenge, so he was imprisoned. He was released around 5000 years after his fate. The modern heroes challenged him about forming a justice system. Most people love the Supervillain character. It has many twists and turns that make it enjoyable for both Indian and foreign audiences. You can watch the film in cinemas and on the OTT platform to learn more.

Release Date Country
20/10/2022 India
21/10/2022 United States

Black Adam OTT Right and Black Adam OTT Platform

Many fans have been waiting for the OTT platform to provide the information they need since the release of Black Adam. Perhaps because they couldn’t watch Black Adam in Cinemas, they are eager to see the story through an OTT platform.

Fans are excited about the possibility of the movie being available on the OTT platform. They want to relax in their own space and enjoy the movie. We are here to discuss the details of OTT platforms, keeping in mind their comfort.

The Black Adam OTT Release Date will be before the 15th of December 2022 via an OTT Platform.

Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or any other OTT platform can be used to stream the movie. You can access these platforms via the internet browser, or download their mobile app. To access the application, you will need to free up some space on your phone. To install Amazon Prime Video or Netflix, you can clear your cache memory. You can watch the film conveniently if you have enough space.

Black Adam Running Time

You can take a break at the theater to increase the movie’s duration. An OTT platform is different. The movie can be viewed at any time and from wherever you are. The film runs for 2 hours and 5 mins. This number may vary depending on whether you watch the film in a theatre or on an OTT platform.

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