5 Best WordPress Plugins for Adding Audio/PodCast Files

Topic: “Best WordPress Plugins for Adding Audio/PodCast” The Internet has substantially modified the current services over the years. There are various reasons for website owners to integrate audio on their sites. In addition, audio functionality is growing in popularity, with more than 2 million podcasts available globally.

Adding an audio player to your WordPress site is now simple, whether you’re a musician aiming to display your work or a website owner offering a range of music to your viewers.

WordPress provides a basic interface for handling audio files. Here are the best audio player plugins for WordPress that you may use on your website to study this feature in detail.

The Top WordPress Audio Player Plugins

Let’s examine some of the finest audio player plugins accessible for WordPress websites.

REA Plugin

The most recognizable brand in the WordPress industry. It offers the REA plugin, which comes with an audio box widget for your website and other plugins and themes.

The widget offers several useful and efficient functions that promote music-based user engagement on the website. In addition, this widget is mobile-friendly, so it works well on all screen sizes.

Principal Attributes

  • There are options for Autoplay and Replay.
  • Select between OGG and MP3 audio files
  • Responsive design
  • There are three different skins available.
  • Uncomplicated drag-and-drop setup


Although first designed for podcasts, this audio player plugin for WordPress is a paid service. It makes it simple to consume the whole online library. Moreover, the Smart Track Player provides a single track with the functionality of a whole performance.

This plugin may thus be used for both audio clips and music. You may also gather your listeners’ email addresses for marketing and your mailing list.

Principal Attributes

  • Aesthetically appealing and unique
  • Extremely customizable
  • User-friendly for the target market
  • A plugin that loads quickly and is mobile-friendly


With the help of the plugin AudioIgniter, playlists or streaming radio shows may be made in about five minutes. It is easy to install and use. You may add a Playlists menu item to the dashboard to create and add an unlimited number of playlists to the site.

In addition, you may enable or deactivate auto-looping. Additionally, you can add artist names and song titles to the fields and publish the resultant list on any website or blog.

Principal Attributes

  • For selling digital music, WooCommerce is compatible.
  • Each playlist has choices.
  • A Buy Now button is available in the custom field to sell music.
  • Using Visual Composer, it is possible to modify and update the Player position.

PowerPress Podcasting Software

PowerPress is a plugin that becomes more user-friendly with each new feature. This plugin is required if you want to include podcasts on your website. It is a feature-rich tool that can hold a substantial amount of data.

Thanks to the plugin’s functionality and speedy loading time, a flash player does not need to be installed on visitors’ devices.

Principal Attributes

  • Video players are supported.
  • Incredible lightness and speed help SEO player selection.
  • The modern player who has access to subscription tools

Miniature WP Audio Player

Compact WP Audio Player is a program that doesn’t use much space on your computer. It adds a Play button to the article’s front end, making everything seem more attractive and fashionable. When a piece of music is playing, the button becomes Pause.

You may also change the loop, autoplay, and volume. This program is sufficiently flexible to play files on any device.

Principal Attributes

  • It is HTML5-compliant. Therefore it is compatible with iOS devices.
  • Offers a sample for audio file sales
  • It does not use display space.
  • After the webpage has fully loaded, audio files may play.
  • It allows podcast generation and the inclusion of.ogg and.mp3 files.


WavePlayer is one of the best audio player plugins for WordPress. You may allow audio downloads for your customers using this tool. Additionally, you may choose a suitable loading style for the website.

Regarding customization, WavePlayer offers a wide variety of options. Additionally, colorful audio waveforms are also shown. Additionally, you may use the dark mode that this plugin offers.

Principal Attributes

  • One-click palette creation
  • Page Builder allows WooCommerce to track sales information.
  • Compatible with several display sizes
  • Rapid and featherweight


MP3-player is a responsive music player plugin for WordPress with download and shuffle options. You may choose the title and track information for the player and add audio files to your media library.

You may adjust the level, turn on autoplay and resume playback, and enable looping in the settings menu. In addition, you may provide the URL or folder location for audio files.

Principal Attributes

  • The media library or streams.
  • Highly customizable participant
  • A shortcode to play full libraries or directories.
  • Allows for downloads and pop-ups.
  • Choose dark or light skin.

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