Best Blogging Platforms For 2022

Topic:Best Blogging Platforms For 2022″ A blog is an online resource with text written in an informal style. It can have information about technology, photographers, news, reviews, and many other things. Today, blogging has emerged as one of the best ways to make a lot of money, and you can make a lot of money from it.

There are numerous ways to create money with a blog, such as Google Adsense, Sponsored Links, Direct Selling, and numerous others. You can start your blog website easily, and there are also a lot of similar platforms you can use to start blogging. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the blogging platforms you can use to start your blog.


GeeksforGeeks is among the best places for people who want to show off their blogging skills, especially their technical writing skills. The GFG community is growing quickly, with more than 10 million readers worldwide. Not only that, but you also get paid a lot at GeeksforGeeks for the subject matter or blogs you write.

Aside from that, GeeksforGeeks regularly hosts several content writing or blogging contests, such as the GeeksforGeeks Blogathon, the Write From Home Challenge by GeeksforGeeks, the Technical Scripter Event by GeeksforGeeks, and so on.

Important Points:

  • You can begin writing blogs by picking any topics on the list.
  • You can write about what you require.
  • The experts give you feedback on your content, which helps you get better.
  • Offers include prestigious certifications, writer-ranking badges, gifts, and more.
  • There are career options, such as Freelance Technical Content Writing and Technical Content Writing Internship.


WordPress is the most employed blogging platform in the world. It owns more than 40% of all the websites on the internet. It’s a free blogging platform with a drag-and-drop feature that lets you build a website or blog in minutes. It’s a good start if you want to run your blog page.


  • It doesn’t cost anything.
  • It lets you run your website the way you want.
  • WordPress has a lot of themes and plugins to pick from.
  • With plugins, we can add more features to our page.
  • It’s easy to make blogs with its drag-and-drop editor.
  • It is also friendly to search engines (SEO).


  • You will always need to see if there are any changes. If you don’t stop them, they could create issues on your site.
  • It’s a little hard to keep up.
  • We’re responsible for our backups.
  • Websites made with WordPress are not very safe.


Google’s Blogger is a free service for writing blogs. It makes it easy for people who aren’t tech-savvy to start a blog, but it doesn’t have many tools for managing content. It is ideal for hobbyists who want to make blogs. To make a blog on Blogger, you only need a Google account.


  • Blogs are easy to start and change.
  • It doesn’t cost anything.
  • Google’s platform is safe and reliable.


  • There are only simple tools for blogging.
  • We can’t add plugins to our website to make it do more things.
  • There are only just a few templates to choose from.


You probably know LinkedIn as a place to connect with other professionals online. However, LinkedIn can also be one of the best places to blog. It’s a great way to connect with the people you want to reach with your writing. Also, LinkedIn is the best place for beginners to start blogging because you don’t have to buy anything. Just make an account and start writing and sharing content.


  • You’ll get a large number of individuals here.
  • It’s a social media site, so you must sign up and start writing.
  • Recruiters will offer you a lot of jobs if your content is good.
  • There’s nothing to set up.


  • Free users can only do certain things with it.
  • In the beginning, you won’t get as many views.
  • You can’t change the look of your blog like you can on other platforms.

Again, blogging is an important skill to learn and get better at, especially in the digital world we live in now. All you need is a laptop that works and a reliable internet connection. Also, there are no limits on what you can write about. You can start a blog about Personal Finance and Investment, New tech and Gadgets, Fitness and Fitness, Career Advice, or anything else you want.

Aside from that, blogging helps you learn more about a specific niche or field, improves your creativity and effective communication, lets you connect with people worldwide, and so on. Also, as was said above, there are many ways to make a significant amount of money from blogging, whether you write for yourself or an organization.

What to Recognize When Picking the Best WordPress Blog?

As a first step, you will need a platform for blogging that is easy to set up and doesn’t require you to know how to write. You’ll also have to consider what kind of blog you would like to make. When your blog gets more popular, you may want to change how it looks and add more features for your readers.

For easy growth, it’s important to choose a blog that is both good and flexible. If you leave the wrong platform, it can be hard to change in the future. Lastly, even if you don’t intend to earn money yet, it’s a good idea to get ready for it, keeping in mind that you might be able to earn cash later.


Blog platforms should be updated often, be open to new ideas and be comfortable with face-to-face communication. Today’s phones are made differently than computers. Because of this, your blog page needs to work well with mobile devices and other tech products. You can construct your block in a manner that is best for you if you think about these things. Now that you’ve chosen the platform, you can start making money.

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