A2 Web Hosting Review In 2022

Topic:A2 Web Hosting Review In 2022” If your website looks professional, you should find the best web host. A2 Hosting has been hosting websites for a long time and is very good at it. The company always has the best aspects and technical support. It also works with all software platforms to give you the most immersive experience.

A2 Hosting can meet your needs, whether you want to reach more people or start a new website. It is considered among India’s top 10 hosting companies because it gives users the fastest and safest experience.

This company is the best choice because it takes a full-service approach to hosting websites. The 20X Faster WebHost feature is the best thing about the hosting company. They are making a difference. Users will likely stick around if the site loads quickly, increasing sales.

This review of A2 Hosting tells you everything you need to know about its features, web hosting plans, and pros and cons. Before making a decision, you can also look at this website services checklist to learn what to look for in a web host.

A2 Hosting Review for WordPress: Detailed Features

As a WordPress user, you should expect much more from any web host you consider. Because WordPress is so popular, hosts should offer good features for their users. A2 Hosting does a good job of this:

  • Optimized WordPress installations: A2 Hosting’s WordPress installations are set up as fast and safe as possible. This lets you focus on growing your site without worrying about how well it works.
  • Sites load quickly: This provider is best known for how fast it works. Sites that load faster keep users happy and your bounce rates down, so they are good. We’ll talk more about performance, later on, so keep reading!

So far, things are going pretty well. Let’s see how A2 Hosting does when it comes to customer service.

Support choices

We had heard good things about A2 Hosting’s customer service, so we were excited to try it out. Before getting started, we spent a lot of time reading their documentation. Their knowledge base has more than 40 articles about WordPress, such as how to use Google Analytics and manage WordPress from the command line.

The conversation went well, and our agent gave us some good ideas for basic WordPress plugins, which is exactly what we were looking for to see how well they paid attention to detail.


When choosing a web host, one of the most important things you need to consider is the host’s raw performance. Here are the main things that A2 Hosting has to offer to help users do better:

  • Solid State Drives (SSDs): All of their WordPress plans come with SSDs, which makes loading times faster for everyone.
  • Turbo feature: Some of their more expensive plans only have a Turbo feature with that plan. This feature is said to cut loading times by a huge amount.

A2 Hosting also has three data centers in addition to these features:

  • Michigan
  • Amsterdam
  • Singapore

Despite this, every web host says they have the fastest and most advanced technology, so you shouldn’t believe them at face value. Let’s do our tests to see how well A2 Hosting works.

Pingdom page speed testing

For this test, we used a basic WordPress site that had not been changed after it was set up. Then, to get more accurate results, we used three different Pingdom servers in different places to test how quickly our site loaded:

  • Melbourne: 2.24 secondes
  • New York: 480 milliseconds
  • Stockholm: 911 milliseconds

We had a rough start with the test in Australia, but we got better after that. Overall, these are pretty good results. Let’s see how well our server does when it’s busy.


A2 Hosting has three shared hosting plans for WordPress users that are made just for them:

  • STARTUP (starting at $2.99 per month): This plan allows for one website and up to five databases, but storage and bandwidth are unlimited. It’s great for people who don’t need support for more than one site.
  • DRIVE can handle an unlimited number of sites and databases. This one also has no limits on how much you can store or send. It’s perfect for power users who have more than one website.
  • Turbo boost: The Turbo plan has all the bells and whistles of the Swift plan, plus the Turbo technology from A2 Hosting. It’s for people who need to speed up page loading times by every millisecond.

You may recollect from the last section that A2 Hosting’s websites load quickly, even without using their Turbo settings. We didn’t get to test that feature ourselves, so for now, we’d say to stick with the Lite or Swift plans, depending on how many web pages you need to host.

Overall, both pros and cons.

This A2 Hosting review for WordPress is almost over, so let’s take a moment to review the good and bad things we’ve learned.


  • Speeds that are crazy fast. This web host is the quickest we’ve seen, period.
  • A lot of information for people who use WordPress.
  • A team of people who know much about WordPress is friendly and quick to help.
  • Free help with moving.


  • Their prices are a little bit higher than the prices of some other shared hosting plans for beginners. On either hand, if you pay for longer periods in advance, you can get some good deals.


It’s hard to say enough about how important it is to choose the right web host. After all, if you choose the wrong one, your site could easily go down because of bad service and lack of support. Our review of A2 Hosting for WordPress didn’t find any of these red flags. Because of their low prices and fast speeds, they are a great choice for WordPress users.

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