6 Inspirational Emails From The Travel And Tourism Sector

Topic: “6 Inspirational Emails From The Travel And Tourism Sector” We love email marketing, and that’s not a secret. There are many reasons to like it, but one of the biggest is how big the return can be. When done right, Email can have a return on investment of 3,600%, making it a very effective and cheap way for most brands to reach their customers.

Email marketing is a great way to market that doesn’t come with as many risks as most other methods. This is important for the tourism and travel industry. COVID-19 has hit this industry hard in the past few years, so it’s important to use marketing channels that don’t cost much.

So these channels can guarantee a lot of money back, that’s even better. Now that summer is in full swing, and we’d like to showcase some impressive and empowering emails from well-known travel and tourism brands. Let’s look at the emails these brands send to attract, nurture, and convert potential travelers.

Welcome Email

Welcome emails are a great way to get people interested and move potential travelers further down the sales funnel. They are often sent to potential customers as part of an automated series when they sign up for your newsletter or email list. When someone signs up for email marketing, they are often most interested in learning more about the brand right after they do so.

In addition to giving customers more information about the business, the Welcome Email is a chance to remind them to set their preferences to receive personalized offers or to finish a part of their profile, as Airbnb did in this example. We’ve all heard of this hotel and travel brand, and you’ve probably used them before.

Airbnb is different because it also brings people together, so each user needs to have a full profile. Airbnb doesn’t waste any time telling users they need to give this information to get the most out of their services. In this welcome Email, they also talk about some of the unique benefits of using them, such as the chance to stay in places like igloos and treehouses.

Promo/Offer Email

Once someone has signed up, they may be interested in learning more but may not be ready to buy immediately. They need to know more about your business and what it has to offer. A few days after the email, send the traveler an email with a deal or offer that makes them want to buy something.

This Email from Sesame Place advertises a season pass membership and gives specific reasons why it’s a good idea to get one. Listing the benefits gives people a reason to click to find out more and buy the membership.

Confirmation Email

Once a traveler makes a reservation, send them a confirmation email with trip details so they have everything they require and can find it quickly. This will help ensure that everything goes well for them on the day of their trip, and they’ll be thankful that you took one thing off their plate.

Include clear information about the trip in the Email that confirms it. Also, you could include free deals or offers that the customer might like based on what they like. After all, they chose your brand over many others, so giving them a deal will go a long way to show how much you appreciate them.

This confirmation from Delta is short and to the point, perfect for an email containing flight information. There’s no need to cram too much information, design, or images into these emails. Doing so could make it hard for the recipient to see the important information and confuse them.

Reminder Email

The confirmation email is not the end of the customer relationship. When the trip date gets closer, sending a reminder email with details and extra information is always a good idea. People are busy, so they don’t always pack and plan for trips until the last minute.

Send a reminder email that includes information that will help the traveler make more informed decisions, such as what to pack and bring. This Email from Vacasa tells the traveler when the room will be ready and gives them a week-by-week forecast so they can pack everything they need.

We love how thoughtful and unique it is. Ensure your reminder emails include any changes to the schedule, weather forecasts, bad weather warnings, guidebooks, or details about what the traveler can expect on the trip. You might also want to add any COVID protocols used in your area.

Milestone Email

Building a long-term relationship with a customer is the best thing you can do. Tourism and travel are particularly important because travelers can choose from many brands and services. Please ensure you collect details about your clients so you can send them emails when important things happen.

You can keep track of this data and email them an offer to book with you again a year later. This shows them you want to assist them in celebrating the important events in their lives every year. This Email from Hotel Tonight shows all their customers’ past year’s stays, perks, and favorite stays. Also, it gives you the chance to start making more memories.

Thank You Email

Send your customer a thank-you email after their stay, trip, or vacation to demonstrate that you appreciate their booking with you. This is also a chance to keep more customers by offering them a special deal. You also could ask the traveler to rate how much they liked the experience or get more thorough feedback to help make the experience better next time. Check out the simple Email below to see how Airbnb did this:

Keep travelers interested via Email.

As you can see, the travel and tourism industry has a lot of ways to use Email to create a good customer experience. We use a consistent email marketing strategy based on personalization and the occasional promotion to keep travelers interested.

Benchmark Email is a good example of good email marketing software that helps you personalize and engage with customers at every step of their journey. Sign up for a free plan today if you work in the travel and tourism industry and are going to look for an email automation tool that will help you send emails like the ones above.

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